Dinosaur Zoo

arrowMore than just an exhibition, Dinosaur Zoo is a theatrical experience of monumental proportions. With a cast of Dinosaurs and Insects from ancient times dating back 65million years, your host and skillful puppeteers create an interactive and action packed and interactive journey into the past through the realistically and beautifully crafted moving creatures.
Children can imagine the world with dinosaurs through these life-like creations. They can watch from a distance feeling comfortable or get up close and personal perhaps even feed them or have their head inside the mouth of a T-Rex! Adults can also enjoy the science and educational aspect of the show.
With its home in Sydney, Australia, ERTH is a well-established performance company that has been involved in the creation of performances, creative consultations, private and corporate engagements, and public shows like this one that is a journey through prehistoric Australia and now touring the world. The show is playful, fun and interactive. It is a new dimension of theater that combines solid science with an extraordinary spectacle.
Meet a baby dinosaur; be thrilled by the Tyrannosaurus, inspired by the Plesiosaurus, and get to know Titanosaur and Triceratops to name just a few. The entire performance is wonderfully engaging and has been skillfully put together by a powerful and passionate crew from director to writers, composers, sculptors, engineers, textile artists and sound designers. Donft forget the puppeteers who are often visible on stage similar in a way to Japanese puppetry though in many cases, one is so drawn into the life-like ancients that it is like being there face-to-face in real time in their habitat.
The show has been very well received by both children and parents alike with great photo opportunities and thrills abundant. The Chicago Tribune printed, gA delightful and educational date with the Dinos that provides visual Oomph to rival the Lion King.h Among its other accolades, the performance won the eBest Childrens Showf at the Adelaide fringe Festival in 2014. Come along and join these large-scale creations and the skillful crew of ERTH on a journey into our ancient world of wonder.

Dinosaur Zoo

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